The following pages contain general information and pictures of different types of repairs that instruments commonly go through.  They provide insight to those of you who have instruments who need repairs and want to see what is involved, to people who have an interest in seeing what kind of maintenance a 300 year old violin has seen in its life, or simply to people who think it is cool to see a master luthier work on a a great instrument.  At ViolinAddictsAnonymous we belong to all three categories, and probably a few more.  Of course, the best benefit to all these repairs is the longevity of the instruments, enabling their voices to be heard for generations of people.

We owe a big thank you to Charles Arsenault at Wilder and Davis Luthers in Montreal.   Much of the work in the following pages are his handiwork, and he is undoubtedly among the finest repair and restoration craftsmen in the world today.   We want to stress that the following pictures are not a “how to” of string instrument repair.  Charles (and others whose work is featured here) are highly trained, highly skilled master luthiers, who have spent years learning and practicing their craft.  Please, please, please, DO NOT try these repairs at home on anything that has more value than a piece of firewood!!!!!


Soundpost Patch.  Coming soon!!


Pegbox Bushings.  Coming soon!!